The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression

The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression
The forgotten man painting by McNaughton (click image for video) I believe this image best exemplifies where we stand today, pun intended.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Retired Ballot Supervisor Tells Reporters “Presidential Election Predetermined Since JFK”

Posted on June 22, 2015 by Priscilla Mason

James B. Marlow is a small framed man confined to an electric wheel chair. He has spent the last 30 years working in Washington, DC. for the Central Counting Facility. He began his career in 1965 as the low man on the totem pole. However, his hard work and determination eventually paid off, and he was quickly promoted through the ranks, finally becoming a supervisor in 1971. That’s when Marlow claims he was approached by several Government officials who persuaded him to dismiss the real votes, and report the predetermined numbers to secure a fraudulent presidency. His sobering views should concern every American who still believes that the government has their best interests in mind and that the methods used in elections are to be trusted.

“It’s not about the Republicans, or the Democrats, you understand. They’re two heads on the same beast”, Says the 79-year-old retired Central Counting Facility supervisor during an hour long press conference held at his sprawling 50-acre ranch in Lexington, Kentucky. “Every election since John F. Kennedy has been predetermined, and unfortunately, I have helped to facilitate this corruption.”

Marlow eventually retired, and moved to Kentucky in 2007 due to health issues. He claims to have seen a dozen presidents come and go, all of them decided long before the elections ever took place.

“I cannot speak for local branches of government,” Marlow states, “The men and women controlling the country aren’t concerned as much about who occupies seats. I’m sure there’s corruption, but it’s not on the same scale as what you’ll find in the federal government. The American government as we know is a ploy, and quite a brilliant one at that, to keep people permanently divided with the opposing political parties.”

When Marlow first became aware of the misrepresentations, he didn’t think much of it initially. He was on top of the world, making more money than he had ever made in his career. He was preoccupied with other things outside of his workplace so for quite some time, he gave it no mind. However, after awhile there would come a time where he could no longer longer be able to ignore the nefarious direction in which the countries predetermined officials were steering the nation.

“Sure, the government goes through the whole song and dance to keep up appearances. They want to give American’s the illusion of control. Make them believe that they actually have some say in the future of their country. This charade couldn’t be further from the actual truth, though. On the surface the nominees seem as though they are opposing sides of the political spectrum. That’s all theater. Smoke and mirrors. Behind the curtain, all of these people are associates, even friends. They put on a good show but they all understand what the ultimate outcome will be.”

Marlow now expresses deep regret for his choice to keep silent for so long. He is hoping by stepping forward, that more like him will follow suit. He continued to elaborate on his eventual shift in perspective.

“I went along with the program for so long because, in my naivety and youthful idealism, I thought that perhaps these folks knew what was best. I am now at an age where I can see the damage this monumental ruse has caused within out society and our country. God willing, I’ve got a few more years left in me, and I don’t want to spend my twilight years enduring the guilt which has been resulted from keeping these secrets under wraps for so long. That’s why I’ve decided to come forward… To try and pull back the curtain and expose this pageant of deception for what it truly is, a game. In my final years here on the planet I want to inform the people of this nation, whoever will listen, what is going on in their government.”

As per the advice of his lawyer, Marlow refuses to give the names of the individuals he alleges have rigged American elections since the late 60’s.

“There’s only a small group of individuals who were privy to this information. These parties control all major aspects of this country. These secrets are kept upon the threat of death. I’m so old, though. Death is of no consequence to me anymore… I have to let people know”, Marlow continued, “JFK was the last president to be elected by the American people. When the powers-that-be approached Kennedy, offering him a small fortune to forfeit his second term. John was deeply insulted, and intended to expose the men and their corruption. JFK was utterly loyal to America. He paid for that loyalty with his life. I never knew the men I worked for were responsible for JFK’s assassination until the latter part of my tenure as the Central Counting Facility supervisor. Post 9/11. By then, I felt it was too late, that I was already in too deep.”

Marlow stressed that he wished to unmask the core of this deception, but even he was not privy to the ultimate power underneath all the pageantry enacted before the American public. He believes that if enough high ranking officials understand the error of their ways and resign their from their alliance to the current system in place, that then and only then, will true freedom become a possibility.

“America has gradually gone downhill ever since. When 9/11 happened. That’s when I really began having a crisis of faith. I really began to question whether or not the individuals whom I was employed by had our best interests in mind. That’s why I’m speaking to you here today. We have to expose the corruption that is rampant in our government. That’s the only way we can get America back on track to a true democracy. Hopefully it’s not too late to salvage a peaceful, safe and productive future for our nation under the helm of a true and honest government.”

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