The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression

The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression
The forgotten man painting by McNaughton (click image for video) I believe this image best exemplifies where we stand today, pun intended.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

From One “Bitter Clinger” To President Obama On Guns: You Don’t Get To Disarm Us.

Kurt Schlichter is a trial lawyer in Los Angeles, California. A retired U.S. Army infantry colonel, he is the author of Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2009-2041.

Hey Barack Obama, you don’t get to disarm us. We can see that our defiance eats at you. Good.

That’s why you were so mad when you came out in front of the cameras to blame us normal Americans for the Oregon murders, something you do every time some freak goes on a killing spree. But we’re laughing at your futile, petulant anger. Because you don’t get what you want this time. You don’t get to make us submit. You don’t get to break us.

We know that what spurred your rage at the podium was not bloodshed caused by a militant atheist who probably cheered when the people who nominated you booed God on the convention floor. We see through you.

If you actually cared about bloodshed, you wouldn’t be focusing your rage on law-abiding Americans who merely wish to exercise their natural right, recognized by the Second Amendment, to protect themselves, their families and their Constitution. You would be demanding that your buddy Rahm Emanuel unleash the Chicago Police Department on the gangs butchering exponentially more people in that liberal cesspool you evolved from – a liberal cesspool with the most fascist gun control laws in the country.

But you won’t save the minority kids shot down in the street because it’s not politically useful for your fellow Democrats to crack down on Chicago’s gangs. Or Los Angeles’s gangs. Or Detroit’s. However, it is politically useful to attack law-abiding gun owners, so you liberals just let minority kids die.

And you sure don’t care about Christians being murdered around the world. Just ask the Iraqi Christians, assuming you can find any with their heads still attached. You don’t care when jihadi terrorists murder Americans here; you want to invite thousands more unscreened Syrians into America, hoping that they’ll thank you as future voters. And you didn’t care that this murderer picked out Christians for murder in Oregon. You said not a word about the ugly, sick, militant atheist hate boiling away out there among people who overwhelmingly identify as progressives like you. Instead, you focused your fury entirely on people who were innocent of any crime except the one you can’t forgive – defying you.

You care only that we bitter clingers refuse to bow down to you. That we refuse to give up our means of self-defense and submit to you. That we choose to retain the ability to prevent you and your fellow travelers from going beyond turning the IRS on your enemies and realizing your fantasy of becoming another of the Castros and Chavezes you slobber over.

You won’t fight the mullahs, Putin, or the Chinese, but law-abiding Americans who refuse to submit? You’ll fight them.

We are not blind. We know who you consider the real enemy to be.
You are right to take it personally, because it is personal.

You are a liar, knowingly making the false accusation that we American citizens are to blame for the actions of murderers who overwhelmingly align with your sick politics and worldview. Good luck on that quest for the Great Tea Party Mass Shooter; every time the media investigates one of these semi-humans, we inevitably start seeing hints of how he was right at home with your progressive pals and suddenly the mainstream media switches to radio silence. Who was on the campaign button that scumbag in Virginia wore? Oh right, it was you.

You are disinterested in the suffering of those who you despise or who are not politically useful. We see how our lives literally mean nothing to you. If the vicious hate toward normal, religious Americans we watch spewed out on Twitter and Facebook every day is any indication, many of your supporters are no doubt chortling among themselves about how the world is better off with a few fewer Christians.

So when we utterly reject your demands that we give up and give in and turn in the weapons that keep us free of the violence and tyranny, it is a personal rebuke. It is directed at you. We don’t like you. We don’t trust you. And we won’t submit.

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