The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression

The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression
The forgotten man painting by McNaughton (click image for video) I believe this image best exemplifies where we stand today, pun intended.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

End The Fed!

1. End the Federal Reserve now.

2. Put a STOP to n_ aked short selling of stocks and enforce it Short
selling is fine and should always be allowed. BUT, the person/trader
or entity that is shorting the stock MUST have legitamite shares on
hand that are equal to what they are shorting. (i.e. if you play in a
poker game, then you must have your own money available to pay the
winners, no exceptions).

3. Revoke/Repeal the secret legislation that Congress passed a while
back that protects them from being prosecuted for committing insider
trading!! Do this and you'll end the unjustified wars by removing the
back-door profit motive.

4. There's an uptick rule that must be applied regarding stock
trading. This is long overdue and would prevent gaming of the
financial system and the looting of innocent investors. Strict
enforcement is also necessary.

5. End all Income and Capital Gains taxes. Also, reduce substantially
or eliminate the corporate tax. Instead, implement the Fair Tax (a
national Sales Tax of 17% which also REPLACES all State sales taxes).
Many people may find this idea "radical", but that is because they
don't fully understand the other important details. They also don't
think outside of the box and don't know that the Income Tax was
originally Unconstitutional.

BTW - The current system of progressive Income Taxes encourages people
to: Borrow, Spend and Fudge on their taxes.

The Fair Tax is also a ONE TIME sales tax (Example: You buy a New car
and pay a sales tax on it once and then, when you sell it as a used
car... it does NOT get taxed again!). Since everyone's Income and
Capital Gains would NOT be taxed, it would no longer be necessary for
people to annually file Local, State & Federal taxes. What a relief.
Also, we could eliminate the IRS and shrink excess government.

Best of all... A Fair Tax would encourage people to: Save, Invest and
Start Businesses (why wouldn't we want this?). People that Invest,
Save and Are Productive & Work are rewarded. What a Concept. See
FairTax dot org - Please educate yourself.

6. End all wars (they are no longer justified and have bankrupted &
weakened our country and create future terrorism). If this is done,
then the US could shrink it's military force down by 35-40% and still
be safer. The US currently spends 4 times as much on it's military...
compared to China and the next 3 countries combined .

7. Stop foreign aid now. The money never ends up helping poor-starving
people anyway and it usually ends up in the hands of the rogue
dictator and his friends and family. According to Richard Maybury,
when you give money to someone that has enemies... their enemies now
become your enemies. Foreign aid actually helps to create and foster
terrorism - and more wars.

8. Allow people to opt out of Social Security if they don't to be tied
to this Ponzi sheme. SS mathematically is a Ponzi scheme and right
now, a taxpayer that is forced to pay into this scheme is actually
only getting back an average of 75 cents out of each dollar that they
are forced to pay in (that's insane). Right now, the ratio of people
paying into the system vs people receiving payment is: 1.7 : 1 . A
third grader could tell you that this won't work. Just because the
govt runs it and taxpayers are forced to fund it doesn't make it
legitamite. Sorry, all Ponzi schemes eventually end. SS is no

9. Pull the majority of our foreign military bases (over 700) out of
most of the 130 countries where they were installed. Let me ask you
this? Wouldn't you be angry if Russia and China built military bases
on our sovereign soil?... Right here in the USA? This is another
reason why foreigners hate us.

10. Eliminate derivatives all together or, regulate them very heavily,
like China and Vietnam do. Let's end this fraud. BTW - End the special
legislation that enabled Wall Street to put this "gambling/betting"
junk together and sell it with impunity. Currently, the notional value
of the derivatives market is over $600 trillion Dollars. It is a
financial disaster that's waiting to go off.

11. Bring Back and reinstitute the Glass Steagal Act ASAP. It was a
good law and never should have been removed.

12. Repeal Obama Care it hurts jobs.

13. The Financial Reform Bill that was passed over a year ago by
Congress is an unfair to the American Public. It should either be
repealed or heavily revised with these suggestions and those in the

14. Something must be done to fight corporate corruption. There are
too many 5th - 18th generation CEO's and Sr Executive that are busy
looting publically held companies. Meanwhile they give employees 1-3%
raises and layoff the rest. Many of these CEO's sit on eachother's
Boards and determine eachother's compensation. There's something very
wrong about that. These 20+ Million Dollar salaries are rarely

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